Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lyndia - WW305 entry

"Morning Strut" by Lyndia

The background is a kaleidoscope from week 267. After spending waytoo much time making a 3 layered medallion in oranges and yellows inthe center, I ended up cutting the bird out and making it a blacksilhouette instead and cutting the background in half. That looked abit plain though. I have all these huge multi-layered .psd files withblack flowers and brushes and foliage and grunge and tattoos and... itseems like a shame to ignore them any longer, so I decided to trymix-n-match.

Fred of Dee - WW305 entry

"A penny for your thoughts" by Fred of Dee

and these are the images Fred of Dee used to construct this weeks entry.

Draconis - WW305 entry

"Jack races for the beanstalk" by Draconis

Will Jack make it to the beanstalk with the bird in pursuit,even though the giant has stumbled and fallen? Tune in next week for the next instalment of our series on teenage crime in Fantasyland.

Lin - WW305 entry

Lin has used this weeks source to create a textured stone relief.

leRevenant - WW305 entry

"Harpist of Erin" by leRevenant, the reigning Big Walrus.

MacGeek - WW305 entry

"Eringobra" by MacGeek

Seribellum - WW305 entry

Seribellum has returned to the contest with a striking image.